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Shenzen China

+cold is a leading company in the HVAC industry, dedicated to providing innovative and efficient air conditioning solutions. With years of experience in the market, we take pride in offering high-quality products that cater to the needs of customers worldwide.

Our Mission: Our mission is to create comfortable and healthy environments through advanced HVAC technologies. We work towards improving people's quality of life by delivering air conditioning solutions that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our Values: Innovation: We are committed to continuous research and development to offer products that are at the forefront of HVAC technology. Quality: Excellence in quality is our priority. Every Chigo product is designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure reliable and durable performance. Sustainability: We acknowledge our responsibility to the environment. Therefore, we strive to develop solutions that reduce environmental impact and promote energy efficiency. Customer Focus: Customer satisfaction is paramount. We provide exceptional customer service and are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations.

more than 10 years


500+ projects


Commercial HVAC

Training for partners

Some projects

VRF Systems: Hotels, building,
Cooled water Chiller
DX Split for domestic room
Dx Inverter AHU for Hospitals
Cassette 1 way-2 ways-4 ways
Fancoil ducted S-M-H altitud
Split turn on by ALexa
precision equipment



Technical Training: Basic HVAC Certification: Technicians should complete a basic HVAC certification program to learn the fundamentals of heating and cooling systems.Advanced HVAC Certification: More experienced technicians can pursue advanced certifications to specialize in areas like refrigeration, ductwork design, or energy efficiency.


Safety Training:Refrigerant Handling Safety Electrical Safety Ladder Safety Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Training:

Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems Sustainable Practices , BMS systems

Technical Software Training:

HVAC System Design Software Load Calculation Software Energy Analysis Tools

UV disinfection for HVAC

Air handling unit UV disinfection

Coil and air disinfection
  • Coil disinfection log 4 > 100 uW/cm2
  • Air flow disinfection log 2 > 10 000 uW/cm2
  • Air flow disinfection log 3 > 30 000 uW/cm2 in duct.

Split UV disinfection

Coil and air disinfection
  • Coil disinfection log 4 > 100 uW/cm2
  • Air flow disinfection log 2 > 50 000 uW/cm2
  • flow sensor and Al protection

UV disinfection for Cassette

Coila and air flow disinfection
  • Coil disinfection log 4 > 100 uW/cm2
  • Air flow disinfection log 2 > 30 000 uW/cm2
  • flow sensor and Al protection

Our Products

VRF System

DC Inverter VRF System

+cold 8-32 HP

Already the fourth generation of +cold VRF systems – MCOLD, which is certified by EUROVENT, is the flagship of the factory and provides excellent efficiency parameters for cooling and heating, minimum noise load and is one of the world leaders in VRF technology. Our know-how – ensures sophisticated development and a long-term focus on the quality of the technology developed. +cold VRF systems have the longest pipe length options of any VRF manufacturer in the world. Thousands of completed projects and millions of satisfied users are proof of the quality of our work. Contact us to solve your requirement for a comfortable climate!

Split wall mounted

Split Inverter cool/heat wifi

Horizontal and vertical adjustable air deflecto desing can achieve all-around air supply, making air conditioning air flow fill every corner of the room 4D. The air conditioner runs at a high frecuency to achieve 30-seconds fast cooling.

Cassette and Fancoil

Cassette 1-2-4 way, floor ceiling, Ducted low medium high altitud

Air flow is soft and smooth, air can be delivered to every corner without dead angle, ir makes the room temperature distribution more balance. Built-in with low noise life drainage pump. Pumping head is 1200mm, flexible for drainage pipe desing. It has a slim body with 230mm height, it is sepecially suitable for low suspended ceiling room. Four interfaces to connect with duct to another room. Fresh air intake, aims to p rovide more heatly and comfortable indoor enviroment.

Dx Split Fancoil and Cassette


five split models 9-36 k BTU/h

Horizontal and vertical adjustable air deflecto desing can achieve all-around air supply, making air conditioning air flow fill every corner of the room 4D. The air conditioner runs at a high frecuency to achieve 30-seconds fast cooling. Wifi Alexa

Cassette and Fancoil

Cassette 4 ways Fancoil low medium high altitud

Ultra-thin body desing, installation space is greatly reduced. The thickness od the 3 cases are 210mm,260mm,370mm respectively. Adopting aviation centrifugal fans, and CFD technology design, increasing air volumen and decreasing noise level, noise level only 29dB. Ducted model have 30Pa for low ESP, 70Pa for Medium ESP and 150Pa for high ESP. Long term filter ca effectively remove PM 2.5 in the aire

floor ceiling unit

24-60 K BTU/h

Flexible installation, you can choose ceiling suspended or floor standing installation style according to your project requirement AC motor s standard, stable operation, high effciency and low noise. long term filter can effectively remove PM2.5 i the air, and ir could be take out from grille easily to clean. Digital display is standard, on the right side. Auto-swing function, built in two louver motor, vertical and horizontal air-flow adjustment

Work in a Project



design according to your requirements, validation of your drawings


Software +cold

Design and calculations according to our software.



quote according to your needs, advice at all times.


Post sales Service

commissioning of all systems, consulting and maintenance programs .

our equipment

  • All
  • VRF
  • Commercial HVAC
  • residencial HVAC

Split with Alexa wifi

Inverter cold/heating split 9-36K BTU/h

+cold 137 Model

30 s cooling, smart cleaning

18m Model

Air supply can reach 18 meter

4D Model

The all around air-swing desing

Silent model

large diameter cross-flow

Turbo model

turbo cooling/heating

Floor Ceiling Unit

ceiling suspended or floor standing

Raound flow Cassette

360 air supply, display model

Ducted Unit

Ultra tiny model-short 210mm medium 60mm high 370mm

Air Handler

compatible with other manufactor's products

Modular air cooled water chiller



DC inverter DX purification air handling unit standard series

Modular air cooled water chiller

for cassette and fancoil unit

Cassette cooled water

Slim body can be installed in limited space

Ducted unit cooled water

Fan coil unit consists of centrifugal fan and cooling coil etc.,

VRF System Inverter 8-12 HP

small office and home/p>

VRF System Inverter 14-22 HP

buildings and small businesses

VRF System Inverter 24-32 HP

Malls and large projects

Mini VRF System Inverter 8-33.5 HP

for smalls projects

1-way cassette VRF system

Slim body easy to install

2-way cassette VRF system

2 way air direction

4-way cassette VRF system

Wide air delivering

Short Celling Concealed ducted Unit VRF system

Big air flow low noise centrifugal fan wheel

Medium ESP Dcuted Unit VRF system

Static pressure 70Pa

High ESP Dcuted Unit VRF system

High Static pressure large and high rooms

Wall Mounted unit VRF system

Air supply smoothly

Floor Ceiling Unit VRF system

Flexible Installation suspended or floor standing

Fresh Air Processor Unit VRF system

Healtly and comfortable environment

Heat recovery Ventilator VRF system

Hotels , restaurants, workshop, exhibitions center etc

Air Handler Unit VRF system

home and small bussines

Controllers and Software VRF system

MBS, wifi, remote control, smart manager, AHU Connection kit...


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